Jail Diversion Programs

The largest mental health facilities are often the jails.  It is estimated that 60% of those impacted by mental illness and incarcerated could be rehabilitated in the community if housing were available. The Office of Diversion and Reentry (ODR) programs serve to reduce these numbers by providing jail in-reach and intensive treatment, removing inmates, or diverting them prior to incarceration. 

Immediately upon release or diversion, clients are placed in interim housing facilities where the Alcott Center begins providing intensive case management services, each case manager serving as the point of contact for the client’s medical, mental health, and other supportive services.

Jail Diversion Services Include:

  •       Intensive Case Management
  •       Linkage to medical, mental health, substance use treatment
  •       Psychiatry
  •       Housing searches and processing of applications

15 - 30%

Of those incarcerated are impacted by mental health. 

Fisher Place Program

The Alcott Center also operates a 43-bed interim housing facility specifically for men being released from incarceration.  "Fisher Place” provides a safe, stable residence, along with food and clothing while residents work closely with their assigned agency and case manager who connects them to other necessary resources. Fisher Place is fully-staffed 24/7 with nurses, case managers, and aides.

How We are Funded

These programs are funded by the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services’ “Housing for Health” programs as well as by private foundation giving and are provided at no cost.

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