Housing Programs

Homelessness is at a crisis point in Los Angeles County and disproportionately affects community members impacted by mental illness. Not having a home not only exacerbates mental illness but causes many other health problems that can affect an individual’s quality of life.

Housing Post

Re-Entry into Society

Similar to homelessness, reentry into society after living in the prison system is a major stressor for many of the individuals we help.

All too often, when a mental health crisis arises, the police are encountered, resulting in many facing incarceration. In fact, it is estimated that 15 - 30% of those incarcerated are impacted by mental health issues. Many of these individuals have committed minor crimes related to their illness. While incarcerated, they often do not receive adequate treatment causing symptoms to worsen, an increased risk of victimization, additional trauma and longer jail stays.

15 - 30%

Of those incarcerated are impacted by mental health. 

Housing for Health Programs

Alcott is proud to operate two programs that divert individuals prior to incarceration and/or following their release and referred by the Department of Health.

Housing for Health

“Housing for Health” services include intensive case management and linkage for referrals of homeless individuals via the Los Angeles County Coordinated Entry System (CES) and those being diverted or released from incarceration who are linked to housing subsidies.

Fisher Place

Operated by the Alcott Center, Fisher Place is a bridge housing facility providing temporary residence to 43 men impacted by mental health issues, recently released from incarceration, and in receipt of rehabilitative services. It is supported by the generosity of Actress/Director/Mental Health Advocate Joely Fisher and the Fisher Family.

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