Located in South Los Angeles, ‘Fisher Place’ provides residence to 43 men, recently released from incarceration after being held for ‘quality of life’ offenses. Some of these minor violations include congregating, drinking in public, graffiti, panhandling, and littering. Once arrested, individuals often languish in jail without adequate mental health care.


How Many We Help?

Fisher Place is a 43-bed residence for men who have been recently released from incarceration.

What Services Do We Offer?

Alcott offers a 24/7 Complete Wrap Around service to each resident at Fisher Place, while providing group and individual support.

How Long Have We Been Open?

Fisher Place started serving the community in December of 2019.

Success Stories

Fisher Place has already aided 25 community members in finding permanent housing in the Los Angeles area.

A Letter From Joely

Joely Headshot


My family has lived in Los Angeles for four generations.  Like any other family, we have had to deal with wellness, addiction, the arts, and keeping our mental health wellness in check.  Sadly, the homeless problem increases throughout our city and the need for mental health is more important now than ever before.  Alcott Center has been taking care of these problems for four decades.  I was brought up to keep giving back to the city and world that has given me much.


I am proud to be on the Alcott Center Board of Directors and honored that Alcott’s first group home is named after my family.  I hope you will join me in support of the Alcott Center's continued great work.   With your financial support, Fisher Place will flourish in its mission to give residents the skills, housing, hope, and opportunity to thrive and live a full healthy life as a productive citizen in Los Angeles.


Supporting Fisher Place gives our fellow brothers and sisters a second chance.  We all deserve second chances.  On behalf of myself and my family thank you for supporting the Alcott Center Family.

"The way that we eat here, that's the standard now."