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Anna Rasch Client Story

Anna Rasch has been a client at the Alcott Center for three years now. Before Anna came to the Alcott Center, she was homeless and living in her car for a few years. She moved to Los Angeles after living in Alaska for several years, to get a fresh start on life. She finally decided to seek treatment because she felt she finally ready to talk to someone and get on medication. Once Anna was in our program, she was assigned to a case manager and therapist and was able to stay at a sober living while getting on medication. After a few months of working with her case manager to find permanent housing, Anna was able to receive a housing voucher and found her “first-ever home” as she likes to say.

Since then, she continues to meet with her case manager and therapist and enjoys creating art in her own time. Before the pandemic, we had weekly art classes and Anna, a self-taught artist, is a regular and would sometimes bring her own art pieces and share what she’s been working on. She even made a “creation station” in her apartment because she loves being surrounded by beautiful artwork that she hopes to share with more people soon. Anna would often come in with her wonderful, bubbly energy ready to share and chat with other staff members about her recent art projects. We are delighted to have Ms. Anna Rasch as one of our clients!

“Alcott helped me come out of my shell and teach me how to cope with my feelings.”